Information about processing personal data

At our company we take the protection of personal data very seriously. In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament (also known as “GDPR”, referred to here on as “Regulation”) we would like to inform you about the means of processing personal data in our company.

Who is the controller of your personal data?
The controller is a party who, alone or in collaboration with others, determines the purpose and means of processing your personal data.
The controller of your personal data is BTL Medical Technologies s.r.o. IČ 28978404, with headquarters at Evropská 423/178, 160 00 Prague 6 Vokovice (here on out referred to as „BTL“).
Contact information of the data protection officer: GDPR Solutions, a.s., Opletalova 921/6, Nové Město, 110 00, Prague 1, e-mail:

What is your legal relation to BTL?
Please select one of the following options:

1. I am an employee (or a family member of an employee)

2. I am a job applicant

3. I am a client (a purchaser of goods or services, e.g. a doctor, who has bought one of our devices)

4. I am a supplier of goods or services

5. I am conducting a clinical study

6. I am a patient who has signed an informed consent to testing usability

7. I am a patient who has provided feedback regarding a device or treatment.

8. I am a service technician

9. I test devices or I am a test subject for these devices

10. I am a guest of the company from abroad, or I am travelling abroad through BTL.

11. I am a model

12. I am an inventor, designer, doctor etc. (The copyright concerns me)

13. I am a recipient of business reports

BTL would like to inform all individuals whose personal data are being processed about their rights based on the Regulation:

YOUR GENERAL RIGHTS (article 13 of the Regulation)
You have the right to demand access to your personal data. 
You have the right to demand the deletion of your personal data or the restriction of its processing. You have the right to object against its processing, just like you have the right to its portability. You may thereby ask the controller to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
You have the right to file a complaint to a respective authority, which in this case is The Office for Personal Data Protection (Pplk. Sochora 27, Prague 7, 170 00, Czech Republic).

RIGHT TO ACCESS (article 15 of the Regulation)
You have the right to obtain a confirmation from BTL on whether your data are being processed, and if so, you have the right to obtain access to it.
You are entitled to a copy of your personal data processed by BTL. Any extra copies may be subject to an appropriate additional charge on the basis of administrative expenses.

RIGHT TO CORRECTION (article 16 of the Regulation)
You have the right to demand correcting any inaccurate personal data that concerns you. Considering the purposes of processing, you have the right to completion of incomplete personal data.

THE RIGHT TO DELETION (article 17 of the Regulation)

You have the right to demand the deletion of your personal data if one of the following reasons is given:

a)Your personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes they were collected or processed for
b)You have withdrawn your consent to processing of your personal data and there is no other legal reason for its processing
c)You have objected against theirs processing as per article 21, paragraph 1 of the Regulation and there are no legitimate reasons for their processing or you have objected that as per article 21, paragraph 2 of the Regulation
d)Your personal data have been processed illegally
e) Your personal data must be deleted in order to meet legal obligations stated in European Union law or the law of its member state, which concerns BTL

The above stated reasons are invalid if processing your personal data is necessary:

a) to act upon the right to freedom of speech and information
b) to fulfil a legal obligation which requires processing according to EU law or the law outfits member state, which concerns BTL. Or for completing a task which is in public interest or while exercising public authority, in case BTL is assigned to such a task
c) due to public interest regarding public health
d) for record keeping purposes, which are in public interest, for purposes of academic research or for statistical purposes (article 89, paragraph 1 of the Regulation)
e) to determine, act upon or defend legal rights

RIGHT TO PORTABILITY (article 20 of the Regulation)
You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used, legible format and transfer them to another controller. You may also demand BTL to transfer this data to another said controller if the processing is based on your consent (article 6, paragraph 1, point a), article 9, paragraph 2, point  a) or on a contract (article 6, paragraph 1, point b) and processing happens automatically.

RIGHT TO OBJECT (article 21 of the regulation)
You have the right to object, whenever you see fit, against BTL’s processing of your personal data if your personal data is processed based on article 6, paragraph 1, point e) or f)  of the Regulation, including profiling based on these provisions. BTL will not further process your personal data, if there are no legitimate reasons to keep doing so, or to determine, act upon or defend legal rights. These reasons must outweigh your rights and freedoms.
If your personal data are being processed for purposes of direct marketing, it will no longer be processed for such purposes.

NOTIFICATION OF SECURITY BREACHES (article 34 of the Regulation) 
If it is probable that a breach in personal data security may severely endanger your rights and freedoms, BTL must, in most cases, notify you about such breaches in a timely manner.